Liberty Gun Safes: The Reason You Need to Own One!


Liberty Gun Safes

You bought a gun to keep your family safe. But what will keep your family safe from the gun? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, almost 1,300 children die from gunshot wounds every year. Of those deaths, about 6% were accidental. That’s more than 75 preventable deaths a year! The only way to protect your family—and especially your children—is to ensure that your gun is properly stored in a gun safe. And there’s no safer safe than a Liberty gun safe. In fact, Liberty gun safes are the best-selling gun safes in America. Why? Let us show you!

What is a Liberty Gun Safe?

A gun safe is exactly what it sounds like: a safe place to store your guns to ensure that only you (and anyone you let know your combination or have a key, etc.) have access to those guns. Gun safes are usually thick, metal, rectangular boxes that open only with a certain key, combination, or even with biometric access systems that require you to scan your fingerprints. Inside, they are outfitted with racks and hangers to store your guns to keep them safe from improper handling and use. Liberty safes are a particular company that makes different models of gun safes. Liberty gun safes are among the safest and most trusted brand of safes in America—in fact, in the world. Why? We’re here to tell you! But first, we want to share with you why having any kind of gun safe is critical if you’re keeping a gun in your home.

Why Do I Need a Liberty Gun Safe?

If you own a gun, it’s possible that you simply keep it in the closet, under the bed, or in a drawer. However, this is the most dangerous way to store a gun. While it allows you easy access, it also allows intruders or other assailants easy access! The tragedy of living through a fatal gun accident knowing that you could have prevented it by keeping your gun properly stowed is a haunting one—one that can so easily be remedied. And it’s not just children who have accidents with guns. Curious visitors to your home—children or adults—could find and accidentally (or worse, purposefully) fire your gun. Or, it could be that your child or visitor doesn’t know you have a gun in that drawer, and it goes off on its own as they’re searching for a pair of scissors or the nail clippers or a paper clip. It’s NEVER worth the risk!

Also, guns are expensive. They’re an investment of time and money. Thus, they’re attractive to thieves, even thieves who don’t plan to use them on you. Don’t let them get away with your property, especially with the potential to hurt you, your family, your neighbors, or anyone else! Keeping a gun in a safe is the best way to prevent it from being stolen (and used!).

A gun safe also means that you’ll always know where to find your gun (and ammunition) and that you alone will know how to access it. Talk about peace of mind if you ever need to quickly find it to defend your family!

Although it’s far more important for you to keep people safe from guns, guns also do need protection in their own right. Fire, flood, improper handling, and even dirt, oil, and fingerprints can do lasting damage to gun metal. Keeping guns under lock and key (or combination or biometric access systems…) is another way to protect your investment.

Finally, it’s critical to lock up your gun for legal reasons. Imagine this horrifying scenario: A bandit breaks into your home, rifles through your things (Get the pun?!), and finds your gun. Then, the bandit escapes. Later, he (or she, if we’re going to be fair) use the gun to rob a bank and shoots a teller. S/he drops the gun, and it’s traced back… to you. Believe it or not, the victim of the shooting (or their family, if, God forbid, it was a fatal shot) can sue you for negligence, since not having your gun locked in a safe is akin to allowing someone to take it (and use it). This example might sound extreme. Unfortunately, these types of things do happen. Don’t let them happen to you! Gun safes are a great way—maybe the only way—to ensure that everyone is safe if you’re keeping a firearm in your home. And, as we mentioned, there are lots of reasons that Liberty gun safes are the top of the line in safety and quality. Here’s why:

The Options with Liberty Gun Safes Are Endless… and Customizable

There are lots of different models of gun safes to choose from, such as the Colt Liberty Safes and the Fatboy Liberty Safes, and most of the models are customizable. Aside from coming in several different sizes, weights, and dozens of colors, many safes can be retrofitted with features you can customize with safe accessories like handgun and/or bow hangers, pistol racks, etc and other non-gun-related customizable features include door organizers, lights, and dehumidifiers. Some models can fit up to sixty-four handguns or forty-eight long guns. They can also hold ammunition as well as guns. Finally, Liberty Safes offer some smaller safes with biometric access systems (fingerprint memory with a key back-up) to ensure that you are the only one who can get to your gun(s) when you need them. Not only that but, for a safe, the design is actually quite sleek and beautiful, with a vintage emblem reminiscent of 20’s and 30’s America. You could even choose to keep your safe in the living room, and it may only add to your décor!

Unmatched Quality with Every Liberty Gun Safe

Liberty gun safes are all tested on-site before being allowed on the market. They are fire-rated to resist anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours of fire damage! They’re also made with a technologically advanced anti-theft system that keeps your run of the mill neighborhood burglar out indefinitely and greatly slows any progress a “pro” could hope to make. And, many safes offered have a UL Residential Security Container Burglary classification to keep thieves at bay.

All Safes Are Made in the USA by the Liberty Safe Company

Lots of companies are outsourcing these days, but Liberty gun safes are made right in the heart of the USA in a 300,000 sq. ft. facility in Payson, Utah. It’s always been based in the US, although the company has humble beginnings, going from making only six safes a day in a few rental storage units to being the world’s largest manufacturer of large-capacity safes. And, the company employs more than 450 American workers. Thus, you’re guaranteed American quality and American craftsmanship—which benefits American industry—when you buy a Liberty gun safe!

Liberty Gun Safes Are Affordable and Widely Available

Not all safes are thousands of dollars, although all Liberty gun safes are guaranteed to be ultra-durable and quality-made. There are safes available for as low $300. Of course, you can choose to customize or upgrade your safe as you wish, but there’s no reason to pay for more than you need! Also, with over 450 distributors, you’ll be able to find just the safe you need, at the price you need, near you!

Liberty’s Customer Support is Amazing!

The Liberty Safe company has a fantastic website. It’s easy to navigate, user-friendly, and literally loaded with information. There is a frequently asked questions page, a troubleshooting guide, an online owner’s manual, and a place to contact technical support. They can help you with forgotten combinations, help you replace your keys, or guide you through repairing or replacing your damaged safe. The site even helps you find a locksmith near you! Aside from all the available online help, there are also customer service support representatives standing by to help you over the phone as well. You can, of course, also write with requests by email or regular mail. There’s no question they can’t help you answer about your Liberty gun safe!

All Liberty Gun Safes Are Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Let’s say that your safe, tragically, is damaged in a fire or a break-in (even an attempted break-in). All Liberty gun safes come with a limited lifetime warranty that will replace fire- or break-in-damaged safes for free. You won’t even be charged a delivery fee! Liberty will also replace your door mechanism (not including the lock) should anything go wrong with it. There are also pretty decent benefits for damaged locks, interior shelves, and accessories like interior lights or dehumidifiers (though these have much more severe restrictions). In short, the people who make Liberty gun safes stand by their products. As long as you own a Liberty gun safe, you can be sure that it will continue to work perfectly. It’s guaranteed!

And there you have it—plenty of reasons to trust Liberty gun safes over any other kind of safe. But please: don’t take our word for it! There are hundreds upon hundreds of reviews online that speak to the quality and ease-of-use of these carefully crafted, virtually indestructible safes. Or, you can speak to one of the Liberty gun safe customer service representatives. See for yourself how the quality of Liberty gun safes makes all the difference for you and your family’s safety and peace of mind!