Rhino Safes Review


Rhino Safe Review

We recently were able to check out a Rhino Warthog 54 Gun Safe with an S & G Electronic lock and were absolutely blown away with how the safe looks in the apartment.  Not only does the gun rack fit everything we were hoping it would (including our Mossberg 500), but it goes relatively unnoticed with the office filing cabinets.

This thing is an absolute beast in terms of sturdiness.  It’s got a heavy duty 12 gauge formed steal body that can sustain a full 80 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  That means in the event of a fire, your valuable items and firearms will be safe from damage.  Not too many fires burn longer than 80 minutes, so this thing keeps next to everything out.  The heat activated door seal expands to 7 times its normal size when heat is detected.  This helps keep out smoke and other crap that could damage your items.  It really sets it apart from other gun safe options in the category.

The Rhino Warthog safe also leverages advanced protection and features 3 layers of fireboard in its ceiling.  These 5/8” reinforcements take extra care of the wall, floor, doors, and ceiling by providing extra gurth.  When you combine all of these things with your typical features like spring loaded re-locking that keeps out theft attempts, you have a very nice and serviceable safe for under $2000.  In some cases, we even see these things discounted down to $1100 on places like gunsafes.

Rhino Safe Product Details

The Rhino Safe is 745 pounds shipped and the manufacturer is able to ship anywhere in the domestic united states given that these are made in the USA.  Obviously this thing is heavy so it needs to be shipped freight and typically takes several weeks to ship.

Rhino Safe Company Overview

Rhino Metals was founded in 1995 by Donn Suggs who is a veteran of the US Air Force.  The company produces a lot more than just gun safes.  It’s metals are built into everyday American economy and infrastructure.  In fact, Rhino Metals provides metal products for buildings and skyscrapers all over the world and ships them out of their headquarters which lies just outside of Boise.

The idea to make safes was not initially built into the foundations of the company and came in 1999 when Suggs was asked to make a gun safe by his father.  A grandpa, his father wanted to find a way to keep guns out of the reach of his grandchildren.  He couldn’t find anything that suited his need at the local sporting good store.  When he asked his son to do it, his son became so passionate about the topic that Rhino added the safe to their line of production.

With his Granpa’s concern built into the product line, Rhino’s focus on consumer security is not a surprise. Rhino safes are built one at a time domestically and have child safety set as the primary success metric.  The brand is designed after fighter pilot principles.  Fighter pilots tend to know a thing or two about this country that we love.  They also know a lot about protecting Americans and their families.  Rhino’s founders started the company with a unique approach around innovation and timelessness that was largely learned during air force service.

The safe looks beautiful in the home and look imposing to any onlooker.  The safe is made of such sturdy metal that it’s meant to be passed on from generation to generation.  Known as “the ironworks,” Rhino metals are made in the USA in Coldwell, Idaho.  They are equally beautiful and secure for your guns, weaponry, or other indispensables.

Rhino Safe Price

Rhino Safes are relatively expensive, but that’s because they are made with such craftsman quality.   A top end safe for larger rifles and shotguns can range towards the higher end of $5,000.  A handgun safe can be had for $1,500.  You get what you pay for with this brand

Rhino Safe Beauty

Any Rhino Ironworks safe comes in a variety of colors which makes it easier to mesh with items in the home.  The “Rhino A Series” in pearl white is one of our favorites, but the “Vault Door Series” can also be a crowd pleaser with its rustic feel and sturdy door look.

Blue, Red, and gold are all available as safe colors for Rhino Ironworks made items.  There is a ton of versatility to the brand overall in terms of look.  You could also look at going custom here.